Hormozgan Science & Technology Park

About Us

HMSTP established in 2011 in response to the growing number of university graduates seeking employment, the national program for research and technology, and the economic potentials in Hormozgan Province.  As an entrepreneurship hub, HMSTP’s main goal is  to encourage private companies to find a place in the national market, and to boost local economy. The Park works with knowledge-based and technology-based companies, for increasing their success rate and decreasing the time to reach the capital and market.

Hormozgan Science & Technology Park is a great place to begin the next phase in developing your ideas and growing your business.

The Park is centre of a knowledge-based economy in the province. HMSTP is home to numerous knowledge-based companies and has benefitted from existing companies across a range of  IT, Biotechnology, medicine and engineering fields.

The main purpose of stabling the park in Hormozgan was to develop communications between researching and industries in the region. with hope that it would lead to innovation, creativity and development.


  •  Decreasing the time needed in the process of commercializing research findings, especially for newly-established companies and starups.
  • Promotion and improvement of national technology in order to expand and develop their competitive capacity in national and international markets.
  • Creating a relationship between industries, governmental organizations, universities and research centers.
  • Creating a link for public and private sectors.


Companies and organizations supported by the park:

  • Private companies and organizations
  • University and governmental research centres
  • Research and Development units
  • Mid-tech and high-tech based companies


  • Working spaces, offices and conference room.
  • Internet Connectivity, fax and telephone. 
  • Back up Services: workshops and laboratories.
  • Business and technology support services.
  • networking events and educational workshops.
  • Training services in management and technical subjects 
  • Consulting services
  • Marketing Services
  • Exhibitions
  • Financial Aid Packages

Training Services

The institution and marketing department of HMSTP frequently holds training courses in order to improve the managerial skill of business and starup owners, and also to enhance the capacity of its tenant companies in the market. Frequent course subjects are: financial, tax, insurance regulations, Technology management, Marketing and Commerce and intellectual properties.

From time to time, Institution and marketing department also arranges “Free Chats with tenants” which allows our tenant companies and incubatees get to know each other, share experience and gain knowledge in managerial and technical areas.

Business Incubation Center

 HMSTP Business Incubation Centre helps new companies find their place in the market. Hormozgan Science and technology Park established its first technology incubator in 2013 in response to the growing number of university graduates seeking employment, and the national program towards research and technology, and the economic potentials in Hormozgan Province


The incubation program operated by HMSTP  provide a range of business and professional services to assist technology start-ups in their vulnerable inception stages, enabling them to grow and flourish.  HMSTP Business Incubation Centre offers two programs:  pre-incubator and incubator.   The main objective is to promote innovation-based and knowledge-based entrepreneurship by providing relevant assistance and support.  Pre-Incubation Stage:  HMSTP welcomes those who have not yet established a company to its pre-incubation stage.   Our business incubation center offers a pre-incubation program in order to accelerate the formation of new companies.  The main features of this program are:    The duration is between 6 months   The admitted teams should develop their business ideas into maturity, identify their target markets The initial Idea should be innovative They should register a company by the end of their tenancy.


  • technical, legal and financial consultation.
  • office and conference room
  • marketing
  • A short time evaluation is performed after a period of 6 months.

Incubation Stage

  • Main goal of this program are :
  • To encourage the formation of knowledge-based companies and providing necessary services to them.
  • Reducing the risk of establishing new companies through providing assistance in attracting capitals, and necessary consultations.
  • Establishing a suitable environment for the development of entrepreneurial skills in university graduates.

The incubator program is 3 years. During this period, the incubatees transform their ideas into products or transferable technical knowledge which can then help to start a business.

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